Baby and Toddler

baby-toddlersWithin the baby and toddler unit there are 4 separate rooms each of which is dedicated to different age groups which range from 6 weeks to 3 years.

Jolly Jesters staff understand the importance of a relationship-based approach, where positive relationships impact practice at all levels. ‘We hug first and teach later…’ typifies our approach as the earliest bonds formed by children and caregivers have a tremendous impact, which continues throughout life.

We operate a key worker system where children can build secure attachments with loving responsive carers.

Parents should have no fear transitioning their little one into nursery as we tailor our settling in to the needs of your child and you.

Each age group has its own tailor made play based curriculum which covers all the areas of learning.

Areas include:

  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development


Baby Rooms and Toddlers


Baby in the Jolly Jesters child care Sunshine-roomFrom the earliest days babies can enjoy a home from home experience, in our clean, cosy, warm and bright baby room. This is a happy place with lots of love, cuddles and encouragement as we see our little ones learn to sit, crawl and eventually walk.

Our baby room is filled with soft cuddly toys, bright colourful displays and mobiles. The all important rocking chair is used frequently for those much needed cuddles and story time. Developmentally appropriate equipment, toys and a specially designed play based curriculum combine to promote all round development.

Our exciting daily activities include peek-a-boo, singing, reading, cooking, playing in the water (clean nappy and all!) and messy play, like painting a gook. We work very closely with our parents to help our little ones settle in.


Baby in the Jolly Jesters child care Littlestars roomThe Littlestars enjoy more advanced activities within a bright, stimulating room, where they can develop at their own pace, with loving nurturing carers.

Young children learn through their senses, therefore we offers lots opportunities for heuristic play to help develop our little ones natural curiosity as they examine and feel objects.

Children have time for singing, rhymes, stories, playing, engaging in fine motor and gross motor activities, drawing, painting and of course cooking. (You may not want to eat that!).


Baby in the Jolly Jesters child care Moonbeams roomAt this age children become much more aware of themselves and what they want. This is the age when they want to dress themselves, but you may not want them to! We provide lots of opportunities for role play and dressing up.

Our Moonbeam children love nothing more than making a mess. Sand, water, dough and paint are their favourite activities and always available. The children begin to make up characters and scenarios in our home corner. ‘Is it a bird, a plane? No, it’s Jonny in a cape!’

As our children begin to develop independence, we encourage them to choose what toys they like to play with.


Toddlers in the Jolly Jesters child care Rockets roomOur Rockets room is very busy, bright and colourful, with more challenging activities as the children are developing so many more skills.

Children are encouraged to explore their environment while planting in the garden, looking after their fish, share, develop social skills, and independence through potty training, eating together and helping each other.

Our trained staff gently guide children and help them develop pre-writing skills through completing puzzles, threading and many more activities.

Children in our Rockets room are beginning to use early maths and science as they begin to match and talk about colour, count, explore and experiment.