Pre-school children crossing the safely with Jolly Jesters staff‘Research has consistently shown that 3 and 4 year-olds who attend a high-quality preschool are more successful in school and beyond, both academically and socially’

Early Education is a crucial part of a child’s development and helps children to learn as they play. Children in quality preschool programs show improvements in the development of:

  • Social skills
  • Following directions
  • Waiting turns
  • Joining in activities
  • Relating to others

The work done in Jolly Jesters has been given the highest, verifiable, recognition by the Education Board. We were awarded the highest grade ‘outstanding’ in our last inspection.

Our curriculum, which is play based covers the 6 areas of learning.

  • The Arts
  • Language Development
  • Early Mathematical Experiences
  • Personal, Emotional and Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • The World Around Us

It is child-directed, child-centred, and tailored to the needs of each individual girl and boy.  Our Staff encourage independence, self-discipline and a positive attitude to learning. Children are helped to grow into thinking individuals, who can:

  • Question
  • Problem solve
  • Explore social relationships
  • Work to the best of their ability

We focus on discovery and problem solving through play rather than a more formal mode of teaching. A well-planned and rich variety of activities encompass their essential basic skills. At the same time children are given opportunities to gain varied and direct experiences, while building on existing skills.

“We don’t ‘teach’ – we encourage learning with a blend of play and educational techniques.”